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    VA Amateur Rules & Regulations

    Our amateur fights are sanctioned by the Global Combat Alliance. Click here to go directly to their “Rules & Regulations” page on their website gcafights.com. For rules and/or regulations clarification or other questions pertaining to our amateur sanctioning you may contact them directly at info@gcafights.com.

    Following are Rules & Regulations from their website:

    Legal Strikes:

    Hand Strikes:

    • Closed fist or an open hand/palm of their hand

    Arm Strikes:

    • Forearm strikes and rounded elbows to standing or grounded opponent
    • Shoulder jabs to standing or grounded opponent


    • Standing strikes with knees, shins, and feet
    • Standing knees to head

    Takedowns and Throws:

    • All wrestling, judo and jiu jitsu throws and takedowns


    • All chokes with arms and legs


    • Elbow, shoulder, wrist, knee, and ankle locks


    • Downward or spiking elbow strikes
    • Flagrant disregard of referee’s instructions
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct that causes injury to an opponent
    • Biting
    • Eye-gouging
    • Knuckle gouging
    • Clawing, pinching, or twisting of flesh
    • Throat strikes of any kind
    • One or two-handed chokes applied directly to the throat/windpipe
    • Knees to the head and neck of a grounded opponent
    • Kicking or stomping above the waist on a grounded opponent
    • Kicking the front of an opponent’s knee
    • Fish hooks (to eyes, nose, ear, or mouth)
    • Putting a finger into any open orifice (cuts/lacerations)
    • Grabbing of the clavicle
    • Hair pulling
    • Groin attacks of any kind
    • Single digit manipulation
    • Small joint manipulation
    • Head butting
    • Striking the spine, back of neck, or back of head
    • Driving opponent’s head directly down into the mat (spiking)
    • Lifting, pushing, throwing or otherwise forcing an opponent out of the ring or cage
    • Intentionally delaying the contest due to improper equipment, or by intentionally dropping or spitting out mouthpiece
    • Attacking an opponent on or during a break
    • Attacking an opponent who is under the care of an official
    • Using abusive language in the ring or cage
    • Interference by corner/trainer
    • Rope or cage grabbing to avoid a submission hold. Continually holding the rope to rest or pull self from action, or gain advantage.

    Clothing and Equipment Guidelines:


    • Protective groin cup
    • Protective mouthpiece
    • Handwraps
      • Tape permitted on wrists and hands, but not knuckles
      • Regular handwraps secured by tape permitted
      • Handwraps must be signed off by GCA representative
    • MMA Gloves (no less than 4oz)


    • Shin, instep, elbow, and/or knee supports
    • Oil on face only


    • Boxing shorts, kickboxing shorts, latex bike-style shorts, board shorts, speedos
    • Rash guard (females only)


    • Tape over knuckles
    • Oil or grease on any part of the competitor’s body
    • Apparel or equipment which includes metallic and/or hard plastic and/or edge or surface

    Cornermen and Trainer Guidelines:


    • Every fighter is required to have at minimum one corner man and a maximum of two
    • Must obey the referee at all times
    • Must stay in their fighter’s corner
    • Must conduct themselves with appropriate and proper sportsmanship
    • Must stay off the ring floor
    • May not lean on ring or cage


    • Cornermen may spray (not pour) water and apply ice to a fighter in between rounds. No other substance may be applied to the body. The following substances may be applied to cuts: petroleum jelly, adrenaline hydrochloride, avitene, and thrombin. Cornermen are responsible to dry the corner area before the next round continues.
    • During round breaks, only one cornerman is allowed in the ring/cage.

    NOTE: Violation of rules by corner personnel can result in warnings, point deductions, dismissal of corner man and/or disqualification of that corner’s fighter

    How to win:

    • Knockout: Opponent is unable to intelligently defend himself following a strike.
    • TKO: The physician or referee decides the opponent cannot continue due to a cut or other injury.
    • Submission: Opponent submits by tapping more than 3 times (or by saying “TAP”) as a result from a choke, lock, or any other reason.
    • Referee Stoppage: When opponent is taking excessive punishment but cannot or will not submit or quit either due to striking, failing to show a willingness to continue, a refusal to submit in the face of grave injury, or any other reason the referee believes is necessary to preserve the fighter’s safety.
    • Throw in the Towel: Opponent’s corner decides to end the bout for the safety of their fighter.
    • Quit: Opponent simply cannot or refuses to continue.
    • Decision: When the bout has ended after the specified time without a winner, the decision shall be determined by three judges.
    • Disqualification: Opponent is disqualified by the referee.

    Bout Time Lengths:

    Non-Title Amateur Bouts:

    • Three (3) rounds, three (3) minutes each, with a one minute rest in between rounds.

    Title Amateur Bouts:

    • Three (3) rounds, five (5) minutes each, with one minute rest in between rounds.

    Weight Classes:

    Up to 105 lbs Mini flyweight (females only)

    105.1 lbs – 115 lbs Light Flyweight (females only)

    115.1 lbs – 125 lbs Flyweight

    125.1 lbs – 135 lbs Bantam Weight

    135.1 lbs – 145 lbs Featherweight

    145.1 lbs – 155 lbs Lightweight

    155.1 lbs – 170 lbs Welterweight

    170.1 lbs – 185 lbs Middleweight

    185.1 lbs – 205 lbs Light heavyweight

    205.1 lbs – 265 lbs Heavyweight

    Over 265 lbs Super heavyweight

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