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  • FM99’s Rock Girl Gina at SFL IX:

    FM99's Rock Girl Gina

  • Q – Do I need to fill out a Fighter Contact form if I have filled one out in the past?

    A – Yes, this is required to ensure we have your most up to date information on file and since fighters will change weight classes and fight for other organizations I need to ensure your information is up to date before matching you.

    Q – I filled out a form but haven’t heard anything from the Spartyka Fight League organization?

    A – We usually will have a response to you within 24 – 72 hours of filling out a Fighter Contact form, please understand that I am Active Duty in the US Navy and due to my job it might take me a few days to get back to you. But if it has been more than 3 days please reach out to my since their are computer issues at times and the Fighter Contact form does not work with YAHOO email addresses. If you have a Yahoo account please reach out to me directly otherwise I will not know that you are trying to get on the fight card.

    Q – Are we required to sign a contract in order to get on the SFL Fight card?

    A – NO, It is illegal as an Amateur Fighter to sign any type of contract. If you are being asked to do this else where I would highly recommend NOT signing and referencing the Instruction for MMA, Boxing & Wrestling for the State of Virginia.

    Q – Are we required to sell a certain amount of tickets to get on the SFL Fight card?

    A – NO, requiring Amateur Fighters to sell tickets is illegal and giving fighters any type of financial kick back (% of tickets sold) is illegal and I would reference the Instruction for MMA, Boxing & Wrestling for the State of Virginia.

    Q – Who do you use for sanctioning?

    A – Spartyka Fight League has a long standing relationship with GCA (Global Combat Alliance) and we conform to their rules and regulations. For more information about GCA please visit http://www.gcafights.com/ and read thru their rules and regulations.

    Q – Is blood work required to compete at any Spartyka Fight League events?

    A – Yes, as of 01 Oct 2015 you are now required to have blood work that is within 6 months old as per guidance from GCA. SFL has recently partnered with Health Labs so when you mention Spartyka Fight League you will get 25% off of your blood work and your cost should be around $64.00.
    Visit: https://www.healthlabs.com/mma-fighter-blood-testing for more information.

    Q – What type of Blood test do we need to provide?

    A – They must test for the following:

    Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (Acute exposure)
    Hepatitis C Antibody (Remote exposure)
    HIV-1 Abs (Rapid and routine HIV test, past exposure)

    Q – Who do I send my Blood test results to?

    A – Results need to go to our Sanctioning Body GCA (ATTN Joanna) at Fax number 804.330.3423 or you can email the form to info@gcafights.com

    Q – Do you guys provide fight gloves

    A – Yes, these gloves are provided by the sanctioning body GCA and these are the gloves you have to use

    Q – What are we required to have on Fight Day?

    A – Fight Shorts, Sports Cup and Mouth Piece

    Q – Is their a fee to fight at a Spartyka Fight League event?

    A – We do not charge a fee but the Sanctioning Body requires you to register with them and they charge you a $25 calendar year fee which expires on the 31st of December on that year you paid the fee.

    Q – Is their a fee for my corners at a Spartyka Fight League event?

    A – This works the same as the fighter fee for your corners but their cost is $15 per corner and its based on that calendar year and will expire on the 31st of December.

    Q – How many corners am I allowed to have?

    A – You are only allowed 2 corners at our event

    Q – How do we get to watch our fights after the event?

    A – We are required by our contract with our Sanctioning Body to professionally record all events, within a few weeks of the event we will have SFL DVDs for sale at a cost of $15.00 per DVD.

    Q – I have numerous titles with our Promotions and I want a Title shot?

    A – Your record with other promotions has no bearing on getting a title shot, we take pride and dont cut any corners on the top of the line Spartyka Fight League Belts and we review each potential Title Contender carefully before setting up a Title shot. We prefer to have had you on a previous card to ensure that you are contender material but again that is on a case by case bases.

    Q – How do we get pictures from our fight?

    A – We have a pretty good turn around time on posting pictures of the event on our Facebook page under the SFL event Album, feel free to save any of those pictures.

    Q – Where is Weigh Ins?

    A – These emails are usually sent out via Constant Contact, updated on our Website, Facebook page and the Facebook Event page, Twitter and Instagram. Please get connected with us to stay up to date and for all the latest news about Spartyka Fight League.

    Q – How do I become the Warrior of the Day?

    A – The Warrior of the Day is our way of Honoring a Wounded Veteran for their Combat Service, so unless you fit that criteria you are unable to be the Warrior of the Day. But if you do fit that criteria and or you would like to recommend someone please contact me directly.

    Q – Can I train at your Gym for my upcoming SFL Fight?

    A – Spartyka Fight League is an MMA Promotion and we do not have a gym, but if you are interested in training at an affilate gym please reach out to me personally and I will guide you in the right direction.

    Q – If my fight falls through, do I get a refund on my tickets that friends or family have purchased to see me fight?

    A – NO, fight schedule constantly changes and we do everything we can to get fighters on the card but sometimes fights fall through and that is just the nature of this sport.

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